Our core team of experienced and passionate animal lovers will attend to your pets every need. All our sitters are DBS/CRB checked and insured.

Our network of sitters is extensive and extends across all parts of London. We also partner with service providers outside of Greater London.

Micaela Caltran, founder of Your London Pet Sitter, has been caring for pets for over 6 years. A life-long animal lover herself, she was never fully satisfied with the quality of the services provided for her across London. So she set about creating her own company - one that London pet owners could really trust in and be confident that their pets would be truly understood and cared for.

Micaela now has hundreds of very satisfied clients across London

Georgia Gaydon

Georgia grew up on the Suffolk coast but moved to London 5 years ago. She is currently studying to become a counsellor. Georgia has grown up around dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits and hamsters. She is currently living with 2 cats and loves looking after all kinds of animals. She greatly misses her family Frenchie, Aggie, who is back home with her mum.

Maria Faleeva

Maria has completed a degree in biochemistry, recently moving to London from Scotland to conduct further research at Imperial University. Having grown up on a farm, she has experience and love for all animals in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. Really missing her two dogs and cat back at home (Keech, Roxy, and Jessie), Maria can’t wait to bestow all her love, attention and care to all the London pets whilst their owners are away from home!

Clementine Budge

Clementine is from Battersea, London. She is a true animal lover. Clementine has owned many pets over the years, including Ranji who was a beautiful black lab and was a big part of the family. She has looked after animals professionally for over 10 years now and will give your pet 100% care and attention. She is very happy to meet any special need or request and give furry-parents real peace of mind.

Debbie Bridge

Debbie has looked after pets for over 30 years – these include for others, charities and her own (currently, she has 2 Chihuahuas – 1 is a current foster dog from the Cinnamon Trust). She is known as the ‘cat whisperer’ to some of her clients, but that doesn’t limit the pets she has looked after – fish, rats, birds (including chickens), rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils and dogs. Debbie has a degree music and works as a professional actor/singer/voice over artist.
“I love to explore areas that I’ve never been to before and house sitting allows me to do that and have a furry friend always to either take along or come home to.”


Beniamino Rossini

Ben comes from Italy, his biggest passion has always been animals. He moved to London in 2010 to study photography (specialising in pet photography) and in the meanwhile he started a new pet sitter career.
Ben currently lives in a lovely flat facing the park and he is looking forward to guest all your puppies and kitties.

Helena Virgo

Helena has just moved back to the UK from Australia. She is specialised in Communications and Technical Writing, with two University degrees. She thoroughly enjoys working out, long nature walks, and a great novel…Also guilty of the occasional Netflix binge!
She is passionate about animals and ensuring their wellbeing is taken care of. Since the age of 5 Helena has raised dogs, cats and a tropical fish – words can’t express how much she misses owning pets! Helena can’t wait to meet your pet!

Hannah Collier

Hannah is currently studying Actor Musicianship at Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts after moving to London from Wolverhampton. She plays Clarinet, Saxophone and Flute. Hannah is dearly missing her little Shih-Tzu from back home, Freddie. She has always had animals of all shapes and sizes and she really looks forward to looking after your pets!

Naoko Takahashi

Naoko is an artist and a part-time contemporary art PhD student. She’s been in living in Hackney over 15 years and she is mom of three cats. Naoko has got a soft spot for animals and looked after dogs, cats, guinea pigs and countless numbers of stray cats.

Hannah Howell

Hannah is currently studying fashion marketing at university after having recently moved down to London from rural Suffolk. Although she loves London she thoroughly misses her country life and spending time with her 2 cocker spaniels and 5 horses. Hannah has grown up surrounded by animals of all kinds, but will always have a special place in her heart for dogs; so is looking forward to spending time with your dogs to fill the doggy sized hole in her London life.

Dash Boyeva

Dash is a big animal lover having grown up constantly having pets around from a young age.
Originally from Ukraine, she’s been living in London for the past 13 years. She is mother to a little pug called Nina.
Dash enjoys travelling the world and has visited Asia, South and North America, North Africa and Europe. She is also a big fan of yoga, cooking and karaoke.

Allegra Nespoli

Allegra is originally from Italy but grew up in London, she works in the arts, and when not working wants to spend time doing what she loves: taking care of animals. She has been lucky enough to have grown up caring for a variety of animals including fish, tortoises and cats. She cared for her cat for sixteen wonderful years, and plans to adopt a rescue cat soon! She loves to read, travel and write, and looks forward to meeting you and your pet.

Inga Sicaite

Inga is originally from Lithuania but living in London for over 20 years.
She love animals, mom to a cat and she currently takes care of 5 stray cats too. Great with both children and pets Inga works as a nanny. Her hobbies are reading and knitting.

Ellie Tate

Ellie is an artist, she currently works in her studio at Wimbledon art studios. She also work part time at the Royal Academy of Arts. Ellie is a huge animal lover and have a special soft spot for dogs, in fact she would say her two passions in life are art and dogs! She has a family labrador called Millie and she has great experience looking after animals of all sizes and type.

Caroline Doody

Caroline is very passionate about animals and their welfare. She has 16 years experience working with dogs in a volunteer role at two separate animal charities, Mayhew Animal Home and The Dog Trust.

Renee Kiangala

Renee is an aspiring and passionate digital art student, she is currently studying Photography at London College of Communication.
She recently lost her dog to illness, Renee says: “it would mean the world to use my love for animals to help others”.

Alicia Wroblewska

Alicia was born and raised in London, currently she is a student in biology and social sciences. Her hobbies are sports and nature. She really enjoys long runs – especially accompanied by four legged friends.
Alicia is an experienced Pet Sitter, who has experience with a large variety of pets. She is mom of a rescue cat.

Bethany Duck

Bethany is a 21 year old animal lover living in Wandsworth, pet sitter by day and musician by night with a degree in Music Production and a passion for songwriting. Beth has grown up with a Labrador who is her best friend. She is very comfortable and calm around dogs of all sizes and temperaments. Even though she has a soft spot for dogs, she adores the company of all pets.

Nina Jackson

Nina is a freelance make up artist working in fashion who loves to spend time with animals. She has two fabulous cats, Rabbit and Lobster, that she rescued when living in NYC. She has numerous creative pursuits – from renovating furniture, to sewing, gardening, calligraphy and more.

Barry Mason

Barry moved to London from the countryside 6 years ago and grew up surrounded by big and small animals. He currently is dad to an energetic rescue cat called Purdy, and spends a lot of time with her, entertained by her antics.

Christian Carnio

Christian is originally from Italy, he moved to London to develop his career as a professional dancer.
Back at home, he grew up with dogs and cats, and he can’t wait to take care of many little furry ones around London.

Mario Kostadinov

Mario was born in Bulgaria. He came to London when at the age of 15 to pursue a career in Acting. Thanks to his hardworking grandparents who have a farm, he has learnt to love animals ever since a little child.

Neil McKay

Neil is a retired sports journalist (Toronto Star), a former professional (ice) hockey player & a serial skier.
He was born in Edinburgh, grew up in Canada and now lives in north London.
Neil owned and looked after many type of pets, but he has a soft spot for chocolate Labs.

Justine Monnier

Justine comes from Lyon, France and she moved to London in 2016 after graduated from a Business School. She is currently working in recruitment and human resources for a tech company. She is mom to a 12 years old cat, Coco, that she rescued 2 years ago and she loves spending time with her and make sure she is happy. Justine also enjoys reading, music, horse riding and nature/animals in general. She will be happy to look after all pets!

Monika Davies

Monika is a Canadian freelance writer now living in London full-time. She currently writes nonfiction books for educational publishers and spends her free time exploring every corner of London. She has a bottomless love for all animals and especially adores energetic canines!

Rolando González Pareyon

Rolando is originally from Mexico, he studied music and he is currently working for an airline.
Always passionate about animals and nature, since he was young he has been around pets and took care of them.

Boglarka Nemeth

Boglarka is living in London since London 2016. She studied International Relations and she is currently working as  duty manager in a Central London hotel. Since always, she’s been surrounded by loyal friends, most of them were large breeds (German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Bernese Mountain dogs), but she also has experience with small dogs (she is mom of an 11 years old Beagle). Boglarka grew up in the countryside, which gave her a wide experience in looking after all kind kind of house pets, including cats and rabbits.

Sacha Savory

Sacha is a professional singer and vocal tutor from Wolverhamton, who has a rather big soft spot for anything four legged and furry! Growing up with all kinds of pets from dogs, rats to ferrets; there are no animals Sacha doesn’t get along with!

Laura Santos

Laura is a professional photographer, originally from Portugal. Laura is currently studying a Feline Behaviour & Psychology Course and also plans to complete an Animal Care Course afterwards!

Federica Fatica

Federica is 26yo and come from Southern Italy. She is a certified chef and sommelier.
Federica grew up in the country side of Italy, in a small farm, since a child she always took care of her family pets with great pride.

Giovanni Cresseri

Giovanni is originally from Italy and currently teaches. He’s a veteran pet sitter who has also completed a Pet First Aid course. Giovanni is passionate about pet training – managing to train his cat to sit and high five!

Hattie Marsh

Hattie has been living in London for 7 years.
She is well travelled and has visited many elephant sanctuaries in Thailand.
Her passion is singing and songwriting. Whilst she writes in her room, her friend ‘Dextor’ the dog comes and listens. She has a deep connection with animals and has been around them ever since she was a little girl.

Alise Cesone

Alise is originally from Latvia, now enjoying London and working in a beauty salon. She has grown up with different pets and she really misses her cat back home, that’s why she decided to become a Pet Sitter. Hobbies: cat cafes and feeding squirrels in St. James park 🙂

Martyna Czapska

Martyna has been in London for 4 years. Her hobbies include reading, writing and going on adventures. But her real passions are pets and music.

Enrica Sergi

Enrica born in Taranto, Italy; joined Your London Pet Sitter in 2016. She holds a Degree in Health and Safety and currently works as a Health and Safety consultant here in London. Enrica loves working with all animals.

Jess Luz Simoes

Jess is 22 and has been working with animals for over 3 years, although she has been an animal lover all her life. She is a final year Anthropologist student and uses this to study the relationship between animals and people, namely in South Africa. Being raised with many animals, from farm to domestic pets, she loves spending time with all types of animals, but does have a special soft spot for ‘exotic pets’, namely reptiles, amphibians and little critters!

Alessio Imperato

Alessio comes from the south Italy where he graduated in Zoology and Agriculture. In London he is working as professional gardener. He always had pets and…he loves Beekeeping.

Francesca Piccinno

Francesca is 23 years old and comes from Italy. She is a graphic designer during the week and a bartender for hobby in the weekend. She loves travel, shopping and animals. She grew up among animals and her first love was Jemy, a baby trapped in a wolf body.

Tina Palleschi

Tina is originally from Rome and works as a nanny in addition to being a sitter. Tina has 10 years experience working in an animal rescue and adoption centre and she is herself a dog owner.

Samira Osama

Samira is originally from Milan and has been with Your London Pet Sitter since 2014. After attending beauty therapy and make-up school in Milan for four years, she relocated to London in 2012. In addition to her passion for cooking, she adores all animals, particularly cats and dogs.

Anne Dympna

Anne has owned pets and looked after them for others for a number of years. She loves their many and varied personalities. Every one is unique and special. Anne enjoys meeting pet owners at the consultations and cares for customers’ pets with as much love and dedication as she would, if they were her own.

Niovi Spiliopoulou

Niovi is a Sport Therapist and she is originally from Greece. An animal lover and owner all her life, she is in love with sports, music and traveling but my greatest passion is interacting with all animals.

Timothy Jesudason

Tim has a long history volunteering with animal charities. He has trained Guide Dogs in Australia and provided support to the Lost Dogs Home. He has also fund-raised for Guide Dogs in New Zealand and currently works for an eye health charity in central London.

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