Dancers & Dogs



Dancers & Dogs started out as a wildly random idea one day in early 2017.

Kelly and Ian are dance photographers specialized in both marketing photography and performance photography.

One day, Kelly had a strange idea:  “What if we did pictures of dancers, with dogs.”
On paper, it was strange and didn’t make sense.  Why dancers and dogs?  But luckily they went with it!
Their first duo was Ericka and Baxter, an English Bulldog, who belongs to a friend.
They captured just the results they were hoping for – clean and elegant pictures, that are sweet and funny.
Ballet is often seen as something unapproachable,
and they felt like this project could help people to see the lighter side of dancers.

The goal:  100 Dancers & 100 Dogs.
The project is still running and we don’t know how long that will take.
But for now we are surely having fun.

So back to, “Why?”
Kelly & Ian: “Well, it’s all about just making people smile.  If we’re doing that, that is all that matters.

Website: Dancers & Dogs

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