Naturalistic Hound

I’m Micaela, dog mom to Pepper, an awesome rescued 10 years old Yorkshire Terrier.
I’m passionate about canine nutrition and overall natural care including aromatherapy, and herbs.
In addition to running Your London Pet Sitter, I have successfully helped to dogs for more than a year now through my company Naturalistic Hound.
I’ve been working with dogs for more than a decade in various ways: from dog shelter volunteer to working as a vet’s assistant
and along the way I adopted Pepper.

Pepper started suffering from what seemed to be food allergies around the age of 4, we discovered that he had developed chronic pancreatitis with an underlying strong sensitivity to preservatives, processed foods and intensively farmed meat.
The improvements were quick to show after switching to a homemade, fresh, whole, organic diet and wherever possible,
the use of natural remedies.


Prevention is everything when it comes to a dog’s health and wellness.
I took Pepper’s health into my own hands; I began taking courses, reading books, and becoming certified in order to help my boy live better. I started feeding Pepper a home-cooked diet in 2014 and little by little making my own recipes, from mains to treats to birthday cakes. My experience with Pepper’s nutrition and needs brought me to enter an ongoing education in nutrition and natural remedies.

Nutrition is the key for a healthy, happy and long life and I want to share with you my knowledge so that we will help our furry best friends to achieve the best possible life!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Website: Naturalistic Hound

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