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07 April 2017

From Cat Climbers to Cat Wheels

Cats are natural explorers and climbing up trees, jumping over walls and perching on fences is in their genes.
In recent times we tend to encourage our cats to stay indoors more,
but it’s very important to still give them space to play and still live an enriched life.

To get you inspired, here some amazing ways for your cat to climb and perch indoors!



This stunning project utilises actual tree cuttings to make a fun play area
for your feline friends to explore freely.
Mixing different materials like wood, twine and fur will amuse your cats for hours,
and it can be used as a scratching post and a bed for them to nap!
Follow the instructions by DIY expert Brittany Goldwyn.


Another DIY option, that utilises a fallen branch, rope and twine.
You can make this as large or as small as you want to,
but it’s always best to give your fur children as much room to prowl as possible.
The instructions are very easy to follow and you can add little touches as you go,
such as an area for scratching, a perch to sleep on and some little toys for them to ‘hunt’.
Instructions can be found at:


Potentially one for a much larger space, this breath-taking piece was designed by architect Mauro Brigham
for Bham Design Studio when he renovated an old water tower into a fully functioning,
contemporary family home. Ideal for your four legged friends who love being up high
and have bounds of energy, this installation was treated and placed into the home as is,
and provides a wealth of entertainment.
See more at My Modern Met.


Cat wheels provide your kitty with the simple, healthy activity of walking and running,
while keeping them focused and entertained indoors.
Demand from owners has seen a number of modern
and functional new cat wheels on the market in styles to suit most homes.
From free standing cat wheels, to fully customised wheels and even wall mounted cat wheels,
there’s something for every frisky feline.



This cat wheel made by One Fast Cat.
The wheel rests on two pairs of roller blade wheels on a base that fits
into a track that keeps the exercise wheel in place but can be removed if you need to relocate or clean it.
The exercise wheel itself is made of recycled plastics making it a good,
inexpensive choice when shopping for cat wheels.


If you are not only looking for a exercise wheel for your cat
but also an entire playground to keep multiple cats entertained,
then look into getting a Cat Wheel Tower.
Cat Wheel Towers come in multiple varieties to fit you and your cat’s needs including options for storage,
sections for food and litter, and scratching posts for your cats.
The major component of these towers however are the exercise wheels at their base
– making these the all-in-one package for indoor cats. See more at Cat Wheel.


For those of you looking for something different, look no further than The Maclaw Cat Wheel.
Each wheel is hand-crafted and allows for you to choose custom graphics, making each piece unique.
The Maclaw Wheel is wide enough for two cats to use at the same time
and has a rubber surface that allows for extra grip. See more at The Maclaw Wheel.


If you want to take your cat’s exercise and entertainment into your own hands
then you can always make a wheel yourself.
There are many different designs that you can make yourself
as long as you have the materials and patience to do so.
When deciding to make a cat wheel, some things to keep in mind are the size,
placement of the wheel in your home, and how your cat will use it.
We love this DIY Wall Mounted Cat Wheel made from a bicycle wheel.


Via: StyleTails

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