NEOH & NOBO – Bakehouse for Dogs


Using simple recipes means Neoh & Nobo can focus upon the quality of each ingredient, as they believe the simpler the treat the better. Tried and trusted recipes go back to basics using human-grade ingredients.

Everything they craft is derived from nature and is used in its purest form so it can be safely consumed by any dog. They source ingredients locally where possible, so treats are fresh each and every time around.


Neoh & Nobo is a small team of conscious dog owners, their own dogs mean the world to them as ours to us.

They always tried to maintain a lifestyle for their dogs where natural came first, that’s why they aspired to pursue a product that would satisfy mother nature and provide beneficial in maintaining a healthy well-being for dogs.

Inspired by the benefits of botanical ingredients and holistic health, their ethos is centred around the beauty of simplicity derived from nature.

Dedicated to the memory of the beloved dog Neoh and his favourite toy Nobo, the ambition was to create a collection of his favourite treats whilst spreading the goodness of hand made dog treats derived from natural sources.

Website: Neoh & Nobo

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