LET’S FIND MOMO – the hiding collie


About Andrew Knapp

Momo’s muse.
A photographer at heart and aspiring storyteller, his current work is largely a collaboration with Momo.
Andrew’s roots are in Sudbury, a city in Northern Ontario,
where he’s worked on festivals, local collaborative photography projects, and murals.
Andrew says: “My heart thrives in the arts.
I believe that we’re here to learn and grow,
and that an opportunity to share what we’ve learned lives within our ability to create.”

About Momo

Momo is Andrew’s muse.
An illusive border collie, his breed is high maintenance and always looking to please his owner.
For years, Momo has been hiding in landscapes and urban settings,
starring in two New York Times best selling books, and most recently a children’s book.
The series follows Momo in his travels across the US and Canada,
exploring popular landmarks and offbeat attractions.

Website: Find Momo


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