SuperFine Pet


Superfine Pet Luxury is the exclusive line of designer beds and accessories
for our four-legged friends.
Superfine world is a new concept of “pet-living”
based on the high quality and reliability of Made in Italy Brand and Design.

Superfine creations are precious, original and functional,
result of a meticulous work of the most expert Italian luxury craftsmen
that gives an absolutely excellent item,
which reflects the high standards of quality and style of the Made in Italy products.

The creations are the result of the genius of Paolo De Anna,
a creative entrepreneur from Vicenza with 20 years of experience in pet care.
More and more pet owners are in search of innovative and chic items
that are in harmony with the furniture and style of their homes.

Superfine products are attractive and elegant,
extremely unique synthesis of luxury, elegance and modernity.
Superfine, unique product with dual personality:
both a sophisticated designer furnishing accessory and a five-star house for your puppies.

Website: SuperFine

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