Tails From The Booth

Lynn Terry (Photographer) says:

“I HAVE THE BEST JOB – A happy dog pouncing into the studio is a sign it’s going to be a great day. From the grand statue of a Great Dane to the petiteness of the teacup Yorkie, I am fascinated by the breeds diversities in both physical character and personality.  I’m inspired by the uninhibited spirit, devotion, joy and happiness that is distinctly canine and I am here to immortalize the goofy smile, the quirky facial expression, the crooked ear, the snaggletooth, the sheen in their fur or the wiggle in their walk that makes your dog uniquely them.”

Regarding her latest project Tails From The Booth, Lynn Terry says:

“I had these old curtains that looked like old photo booth curtains [so] I tested the idea out while working on a calendar for the local rescue featuring their pit bulls, I wasn’t sure it would work sort of boxing them in. So my first plan was to take the photos and apply a vintage look with some antique frames that I had.”

Website: Lynn Terry – Photography

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