Eva and Amelia’s World – only the best for your dog

“A good friend knows all your best stories…
A DOG has lived them with you”

A girl and her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel exploring London…and not only…

We want to share our life with you, the places we go  & the products that we both love.

I never knew how dog friendly London really was until I started to bring Amelia with me everywhere. Places I never dreamt of being dog friendly were in fact just that!

Our aim is to share our dog friendly London knowledge with you. Starting with sharing our favourite spots around Kensington & Chelsea and then exploring new locations for us too! There is still so much for us to explore, our website will grow with us!

Amelia just like all dogs, only deserves the best. We will stay on top of the latests trends & bring you reviews of luxury dog products.

From time to time you’ll see some of my favourite picks for us, trendy dog owners too!”   -Eva

Website: Eva and Amelia’s World

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