Pets in Portraits Book by the National Portrait Gallery

Exploring the inimitable bond between people and their pets throughout history, the book explores the story behind more than 80 paintings and photographs from the Gallery’s collection, revisiting and explaining the scandalous symbolism, fashion statements and tales of unconditional love behind every animal. Scroll up for some of our favourite images.

Pets in Portraits by Robin Gibson with an introduction by Chris Packham (of The Really Wild Show) is priced at £10, and is available in the National Portrait Gallery shop (St. Martin’s Place, London WC2H 0HE) or online at

Image credits:
NPG 1889, Queen Alexandra, after Sir (Samuel) Luke Fildes, oil on canvas, 1920 (1894)
National Portrait Gallery – Pets in Portraits – The Duke and Duchess of Windsor with Dizzy 1955
National Portrait Gallery – Pets in Portraits – HM Queen Elizabeth II 1985-6
National Portrait Gallery – Pets in Portraits – Anna Pavlova with Jack 1927
NPG x35278 John Brown by Hills & Saunders half-plate glass negative, early 1880s
All © National Portrait Gallery, London

Via: Barkarama

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