Top Pets of Instagram

It’s official – pets are taking over the internet,
and it appears they may have (almost) conquered Instagram.
Here are some top pets you need to follow…


PUMPKIN THE RACCOON (@pumpkintheraccoon – 1.2m followers)


MOOSE THE MUSTELID (@the.modern.ferret – 9k followers)


MILO & LIMON (@flyingsafirs – 10k followers)


MILLA, STELLA & PRINCESS (@lifeofmill – 160k followers) 


JUNIPER & FIG (@juniperfoxx – 1.6m followers)


MIEPS, WIES, PIEN (& ARCHIE) (@miepstheguineapig – 36k followers) 


WATSON & KIKO ( – 212k followers)

SHOTA TSUKAMOTO (@darcytheflyinghedgehog – 336k followers)


Kate (@cat_effect – 32k followers)



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